Impact testing (Izod & Charpy)


Zwick/Roell HIT5.5P
Temperature range
Room temperature
IZOD (ISO 180 & and ASTM D256) and Charpy (ISO 179)
Karch Manual notching machine
Sample geometry
IZOD ISO 80x10x4 mm / ASTM 64×12.7×3.2 mm
Impact energy, Impact strength

The impact test is a standardized method for analyzing the toughness or brittle-fracture sensitivity of a material.

Measurements are carried out with a Zwick/Roell HIT5.5P impact tester equipped with all hammers suitable for use with plastics. Measurements can be carried out at room temperature as per IZOD (ISO 180) or Charpy (ISO 179). The specimens can be notched with the help of a standardized notch-cutting machine.

The (notched) impact value is defined as the energy lost per unit of specimen thickness (at the notch).

With the impact-tester is how we test the strength of a material. “If you accidentally drop your Child's toy on the ground, you don’t want it to break. A Charpy impact test can be performed on polymer materials to analyze mechanical properties. These properties are very important when it comes to designing and producing common polymer products such as toys”.