ThermoElectron Rheomex OS – PTW 16
Twin screw co-rotating
Screw configuration
16 mm, flexible configuration due to loose elements, L/D 25 or 40
Tape (2 cm), film (10 cm), monofilament
30 – 400 °C
Processed material (kg) and data to Excel (Tmelt, Torque, Rpm, pressure)

A compounder can be used to mix additives into a thermoplastic material or even to perform reactive extrusion. The equipment used is a ThermoElectron Rheomex OS – PTW 16 twin-screw compounder with a range of heads, such as monofilament, tape (2 cm) and film (10 cm). The screw diameter is 16 mm, the screw structure and L/D ratio are variable (25 or 40) with a maximum temperature of 400 °C. Once a good recipe has been developed, a sample batch can be compounded at kilogram scale, which can subsequently be broken down into granulate by means of the pelletizer. At our or the customer’s facility, this granulate can be tested for its suitability for a specific application.

An image of a compounder in one of the labs of PTG Eindhoven.