Since 2004, PTG/e has supported many companies with its knowledge and expertise in the field of polymers. Some of our projects have resulted in patents and scientific publications. Information on these can be found on the Patents and Scientific Publications sections of this website. PTG/e news and other relevant news can be found in the News section.

Examples of projects we have performed in the past are highlighted in the Cases section.

PTG/e is sponsoring Brightlands Polymer Days 2021

Brightlands Polymer Days 2021 is a scientific conference in the field of polymer science and technology. It is organised by the Belgian Polymer Group, KNCV Macromolecular Division, PTN, the former Dutch Polymer Days and Brightlands Rolduc Polymer Conference. These partners have joined forces to start a new scientific conference where academia, from student to Nobel Prize winner, and industry can meet.

More information about this conference can be found on

The Impact of Biomass and Acid Loading on Methanolysis during Two-Step Lignin-First Processing of Birchwood

Panos D. Kouris, Xiaoming Huang, Xianhong Ouyang, Dannie J. G. P. van Osch, Geert J. W. Cremers, Michael D. Boot and Emiel J. M. Hensen
Catalysts, 2021, 11(6), 750

Remeltable concrete, an industrial revolution!

PTG/e cooperated with Shell in the development of sulfur concrete which is now commercialized by the Belgian concrete manufacturer De Bonte for the production of ‘green’ railway sleepers.
Further details on this 100% circular concrete can be found on the website of De Bonte.

Spin-coated highly aligned silver nanowire networks in conductive latex-based thin layer films

Stefan van Berkel, Joice S.Klitzke, Mohammad-Amin Moradi, Marco M.R.M.Hendrix, Pauline Schmit, Paul van der Schoot and Henri S. Schrekker
Thin Solid Films, 2021, 138599

A look at the daily work of a Research fellow at PTG/e?

Fontys University of Applied Sciences has asked some alumni what their job looks like after graduation. Thijs Jansman gives a good impression of his activities and the infrastructure at PTG/e.

(movie in Dutch only)

Limonene-derived polycarbonates as biobased UV-curable (powder) coating resins

Chunliang Li, Mats Johansson, Paul Buijsen, Gert Dijkstra, Rafael J. Sablong and Cor E. Koning
Progress in Organic Coatings 151 (2021) 106073