PTG/e’s top 10 most artistic analysis images

On a daily basis we are looking at materials using microscopes and cameras, discovering extraordinarily beautiful patterns and structures.

Check out our employee top 10 of the most artistic analysis images that we encountered during our research:

# 10 – Polyethylene that grew on silica particles.

# 9 – Droplet of Microdrop printer.

# 8 – Sem EDX mapping.

# 7 – Water droplet on hydrophobic surface.

# 6 – POM image of a liquid crystal that is just about to transition from the isotropic phase nematic phase.

# 5 – Microscopic image of a liquid crystal on a structured wafer.

# 4 – 75 nm lamellar on cross section of a catalyst prepared by focused ion beam.

# 3 – Raman microscopic image of a degraded microplastic on a glass substrate at 50x magnification.

# 2 – POM image of a liquid crystal that has become almost completely isotropic.

# 1 – Optical microscopy – wax crystals.

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New member of the Board of Directors PTG/e

We are very proud and honored to announce that from 01 March 2020 Jaap Schouten has been appointed as member of the Board of Directors (RvC) of PTG/e BV and he will join the two other members of the Board of Directors (RvC); mrs.drs. Sonja Vos RA and Han Meijer.

Jaap Schouten was till 01 March 2020 member of the Executive Board of the Dutch National Science Foundation NWO and more over Jaap Schouten is winner of the Simon Stevin award and obtained the ERC Advance Grant, ERC Proof of Concept and is member of the Royal Dutch Society of Sciences (KHMW).

Last but not least Jaap Schouten boosted & initiated several spinoff companies during his academic career @ Eindhoven University of Technology.