Analysis &

Comparison of raw materials, material identification or a quick literature scan – these are just a few of the services that PTG/e can perform for you. 

Also for shorter term projects PTG/e is your partner. By performing a few measurements or giving expert advice we have helped hundreds of SMEs since the start of our company.

Due to our fixed-price policy, short lead times and our flexibility, you know exactly upfront what to expect from us.

Have a look a look at our Equipment & Techniques and Laboratories pages to get a sneak peak into our facilities. 
And if you have more questions, feel free to contact us.

An example of one of our Analysis & Advice projects:

Problems with sealing bags made from new film

A manufacturer of candy bags found that since the delivery of a new batch of plastic film they had been experiencing problems with the bag sealing. The supplier maintained that the film was exactly the same as the previous batch. DSC analysis by PTG/e revealed that the material of the new bags melted at higher temperatures, hampering the sealing process.